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Imperium Chambers was founded as a specialist immigration chambers by Paul Turner who is a highly respected immigration barrister. Imperium Chambers has since then expanded into other areas of law.

Based in Grays Inn and in Tooting, our barristers provide an impressive range of advocacy and advisory services, both in the UK and internationally, at all levels. We pride ourselves on our approachable and friendly outlook and our ability to build strong relationships with solicitors and clients alike.

We have built up a strong practice in civil fraud, commercial litigation, employment, insolvency, international work including arbitration, financial services, personal injury and travel litigation, professional negligence, property and construction litigation and have a thriving public, administrative and constitutional law practice, incorporating civil liberties and human rights.

We have many contacts abroad, particularly in Europe, the Caribbean, Thailand, Poland, Mauritius, Hong Kong, Switzerland and Pakistan. Members of Chambers are fluent in many languages including French, Italian, Hindi, Bengali, Gujurati, Urdu and Mauritian creole.

Members provide advisory and advocacy services in a wide range of public and constitutional law cases, domestically and within the EU as well as the Commonwealth and Caribbean.

Our Barristers

Head of Chambers, Immigration Barrister
Deputy Head of Chambers
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