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Asylum, Humanitarian Protection and Discretionary Leave to Remain

Expert Guidance for Clients or their Legal Representatives on Claiming Asylum and Protection on Humanitarian and Trafficking Grounds

If you have reason to fear returning to your home country and wish to apply for asylum or humanitarian protection in the UK, or you have had an asylum claim refused and want to challenge the decision made by the Home Office, you are going to need top level legal representation.

At Imperium Chambers, our experienced team of immigration barristers have vast, highly specialised knowledge of the asylum and humanitarian protection process, and are ready to help you through what we completely understand will be a highly sensitive process.

About asylum and protection claims

There are multiple stages involved in asylum and protection claims. Cases need to be prepared thoroughly so that the Home Office or judge can clearly see the relevance of each and every piece of evidence.

Whether you are concerned for your safety in returning to your home country for personal or family related reasons, or you are in fear of your own government, it is vital that when claiming asylum or protection, you are very careful about what is said during your interview.

One of our key responsibilities in such claims is to thoroughly check the transcript of the asylum interview. We have known numerous instances where questions were misunderstood, or where answers were incorrectly recorded. Stepping in to resolve these issues before they scupper an asylum claim altogether is part of our expertise, and we’ll waste no time in contacting the Home Office and advising them that their records need to be corrected. In our experience, this swift action can mark the difference between winning and losing a claim.

How Imperium Chambers can help

Applications for asylum, humanitarian protection, discretionary leave and protection from trafficking will always be amongst some of the most sensitive cases we’ll deal with. Moving swiftly and meticulously and with natural compassion, we are committed to doing all we can to protect our clients from the unthinkable.

Having built up an extensive network of experts over the years, we are privileged to be able to tap into the knowledge of medical professionals and specialists in the laws and cultures of a host of countries worldwide. This allows us to prepare highly detailed reports that will clearly show the Home Office or a judge why your claim should be successful, and why it is out of the question for you to return to your home country.

For tailored advice on all matters concerning asylum, humanitarian protection and discretionary leave to remain, contact our immigration specialists today on 0207 242 3488, or complete our enquiry form below.

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