Do I need an immigration lawyer?

Do I need an immigration lawyer?

Over the years, immigration and net migration has arisen. Therefore, the need for an immigration lawyer has also increased in recent years.

However, not everyone will need an immigration lawyer. Whether one requires an immigration lawyer will depend on the individual’s circumstances. Despite this, a friend or relative should not be a replacement if one is seeking assistance, unless they are a qualified immigration lawyer. If you do not understand something or do not know if your case is easy to pursue, it is best to seek advice from an immigration lawyer to get information and guidance. 

Do I need an immigration lawyer?

Some immigration applications are more complex than others. For example, the Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa scheme is very complicated indeed. It must be done right otherwise there is a risk that the application may be rejected. If your extension or settlement is refused then there is also the risk of you becoming an overstayer, thus obtaining a bad immigration history which could likely affect future immigration applications you make. 

Therefore, in most cases, it is always best to look for an immigration lawyer to resolve your immigration matter. Not only will it save you time and money but will also avoid you having to respond to a request for further evidence, or worse, receiving a rejection of your application. Immigration lawyers are experts in this field. Within a few minutes of consultation, they would be able to know exactly the type of visas and/or reliefs available and can help you through the process swiftly. 

How to find an immigration lawyer that’s right for you?

Finding the right immigration lawyer can always be a challenge. However, there are some steps you can take to ensure you pick the right lawyer for you: 

Choosing whether to go for free or paid legal advice is a fundamental question for most people. However, legal advice is generally not free unless you get legal aid. A good consultation with a lawyer will enable you to explain your immigration history; get advice and reasonable prospect success; costs; and next steps.  

How to find an immigration lawyer that’s right for you?

Your lawyer should be transparent to you about the legal costs. Your lawyer should provide you with a client care letter upon instructing them. The client care letter should cover the legal costs; type of work, services provided, terms and conditions and the complaints process. 

You must find out who regulates your lawyer. All immigration advisers are registered either with the OISC or an approved professional body such as, The General Council of the Bar or the Solicitors Regulation Authority. If your lawyer is not regulated then he or she is not entitled to give you immigration advice. 

It is not always beneficial to find a lawyer of your own race or culture. Many individuals will often look for a lawyer that can speak their language to make communication easier. However, that is not always the right approach. You should consider other factors, for example, the lawyer’s experience and reputation in the area of expertise you wish to instruct them in. 

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