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We are a group of dedicated direct access immigration barristers / lawyers passionately committed to delivering the highest standards of service to our clients. We also recognise that the legal profession has got progressively more difficult and more expensive to break into. There have been numerous discussions on Twitter and other social media sites about the continued cuts to legal aid.

Imperium Chambers (“IC”) therefore has not just the goal of striving to do the best we can for our clients but also to whatever we can in respect of assisting individuals. IC has not been set up to be a mere facsimile of convention sets, hence our focus on direct access clients and also the additional support staff. We have grown steadily since we were first set up and our proud to be able to offer immigration law jobs to many talented individuals. Since our inception with two practising barristers and three support staff, we now count seven barristers and seven support staff. We hope that this means that we cover a wide range of practice areas and can ensure that all clients get the attention they deserve.

Immigration Law Firm Jobs

IC has recruited several new tenants and support staff recently, and has recently recruited two pupils to start in June 2022. This is really exciting as IC is in a position to be able to offer differing levels of membership with different charges. One aim is to provide the resources, space and support for barristers who have their own practice but require minimal administrative assistance. We see no reason why barristers cannot and should not simply just bill their own work having completed it and are in the process of implementing such a system. The benefit of this will be clear. Those members of the bar who have good relationships with their solicitors / private clients will simply be supported in being able to do the work and bill it themselves without the need for expensive overheads. This is obviously not going to suit everyone but our research speaks of a significant number who would be. It is also a model for the individual who wishes to practice perhaps part time and is easing themselves back into or indeed out of practice.

We are also looking to providing a higher level of service for those who have an established direct access practice but who are struggling to keep up with their success. One of the reasons for creating IC was to provide the space to really grow public access work and to support other barristers in doing the same. Anyone with some public access experience will know that the time spent at the photocopier for example is not the most cost effective / productive use of time, yet conventional chambers are not geared up to help. That is why we have a large support team who are able to assist our barristers in being as efficient as possible.

For the past few years, IC has recruited pupil barristers having become registered as a a pupil training organisation (“PTO”). We have successfully trained five barristers, all of whom are now tenants, and look forward to continuing to expand in this way. We at IC believe that there is a moral responsibility to take the time and commit the finances in order to build / assist in the next generation of the bar and that anyone who joins IC will share this belief. It is only by existing members of the bar supporting those coming through that the bar will survive. 

Immigration Law Jobs

We also regularly take on work experience students and mini pupils. We know that immigration law jobs are hard to come by and we are committed to providing experience to those seeking to work in immigration law firm jobs / immigration chambers jobs. We have a strong track record in providing full-time employment for those who have undertaken work experience and mini pupillages with us.  Our work experience/mini pupillages are a fairly unique internship as the successful candidate will spend their time split shadowing Counsel in Court and being in chambers itself. If this interests you please feel free to get in touch.

In addition to seeking to recruit pupils in the conventional manner, IC will be has several paralegals who assist with existing work and the continued expansion of chambers. Please keep an eye out on our website for job roles.  

We have thought it helpful to set out in the above post what our plans our, obviously as we are aware plans can be subject to change.

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