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Intra Company Transfer Visa UK

Skilled workers that are employed by multi-national companies with an office in the UK are able to apply for a Tier 2 (general) visa for intra-company transfers. These visas enable workers from non-EU based companies to travel to, work in, and live in the UK pursuant to their career. The company itself must have a Sponsorship Licence, and they must issue a Certificate of Sponsorship and a job offer to the individual looking for a visa.

Tier 2 visas are considered general visas, but they have a points based system which requires that individuals must meet certain requirements in order to achieve the minimum number of points that grants them access to the visa. The ability to speak English, working in a position that is considered in high-demand, and being able to support oneself on arrival in the country are all awarded points, so it is important that your application is completed fully and accurately to have the greatest chance of a successful application.

The initial visa will be granted for a period of three years, and it is not necessary to show that you are fluent in English to achieve this visa. However, if you wish to extend the visa beyond the initial three year period, then you must pass an English language test. You must also have a Certificate of Sponsorship, and show that you are able to meet the maintenance requirement.

The employer of a person that is applying for an intra-company transfer also has certain requirements that must be met. They must be eligible to apply for a Sponsorship Licence, which is granted by the UK Border Agency, and they must then issue a Certificate of Sponsorship to that employee.

The complexities, and the fact that there are requirements for both employee and employer, means that professional assistance can help ensure the best chance of success when applying for a visa. Whether you are looking to apply for a Sponsorship Licence or a Tier 2 (general) visa, you should ensure that you have suitable legal help and support throughout the process.

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