How to apply for a Spouse/Partner visa in the UK

How to apply for a Spouse Visa UK

Want to know how to apply for spouse visa UK?

If you are a British citizen or have Indefinite leave to Remain, you can apply for a visa for your spouse or partner to join you in the UK.

If granted, your spouse/partner will initially be given a 33-month visa and will be alowed to join you in the UK. They will also be given the right to work.

Spouse Visa UK Requirements 2022

How to apply for spouse visa UK

The requirements for this type of visa are simple enough in theory but will often require large volumes of evidence, supporting statements, and detailed representations to convince the Home Office that your partner is entitled to a visa. The requirements are that:

  • You are both 18 years old or over;
  • You have met each other and are legally married (for a spouse visa);
  • You intend to live together permanently;
  • You have enough money to support yourselves and any dependents without claiming public funds;
  • Spouse visa uk financial requirements mean the sponsoring partner must earn at least £18,600 per year or have enough savings to be able to support the applying partner. This minimum requirement is higher is you are also sponsoring dependent children;
  • You must have suitable accommodation for both of you and any dependents;
  • You must meet the English language requirements.

Whilst all of this seems fairly simple in theory, the quality of the evidence and representations will make all the difference. The Home Office are prone to refuse these types of applications where they don’t believe that the relationship is genuine or that you intend to live together in the UK.

When it comes to proving you meet the spouse visa uk financial requirements, you might expect that it would simply be a case of submitting payslips and/or bank statements. Unfortunately it’s not quite so simple.

Spouse Visa UK Requirements 2022

In our experience the Home Office will refuse applications where it is not extremely clear how much the sponsor earns. We’ve seen cases where they simply forget to count a month’s worth of earnings. What this means is that it is crucial that the work is done properly, and the evidence is presented in such a way that the Home Office simply can’t make a mistake. It can be even more confusing if the sponsor is self-employed; the Home Office will need to see various documents to prove your earnings – the same sorts of documents you would normally need for your tax returns.

As far as the English language requirements go, you will either have to pass an approved test, or show that you have a degree from an English-speaking university.

Here at Imperium Chambers we have many specialised Immigration barristers who have been making these sorts of applications successfully for years. We know exactly what evidence to gather in support of the applications, and can assist you with witness statements and representations.

Should anything happen to go wrong, or you have applied for a spouse visa on your own and now have a refusal, we can prepare an appeal and represent you at court.

Imperium Chambers is led by Paul Turner, who has over 22 years’ experience in immigration law. If you want to apply to bring your spouse or partner to the UK or check you meet spouse visa uk financial requirements, you will be in safe hands with us. Contact us here.

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