What is a Biometric Residence Permit BRP

What You Need to Know about BRP

This article looks at Biometric Residence Permits or BRPs and what this will mean for you after 31 December 2024.

What are Biometric Resident Permits (BRP)?

BRPs are a form of identification and can act as proof of your:

  • right to study
  • right to work
  • right to any public services or benefits you’re entitled to

The term ‘biometrics’ refers to an individual’s physical characteristics, namely fingerprints and photographs of an individual’s face.

They confirm your name and place of birth, immigration status and the conditions of your stay. You may also have a National Insurance number printed on the back of your BRP. Not all BRPs have this – it depends on factors like the date it was issued and your visa status.

Physically, BRP cards are plastic, the size of a credit card and contain a chip for security.

What will happen after my BRP expires on 31 December 2024?

BRPs are currently being phased out, meaning if you had been granted five years limited leave to remain from 1 January 2020, your BRP will have an expiry date of 31 December 2024. 

Unless your actual permission to remain in the UK expires on 31 December 2024, it does not mean your leave / visa will expire. It also does not mean that your entitlement to study, work, or access public funds and/or benefits will end. It only means that the card will expire on this date.

The Home office has opted to digitalise immigration status information and has confirmed that from 1 January 2025, you will be able to prove your immigration status online.

How can I prove I still have leave after 31 December 2024, including my right to work and rent?

You can currently view and prove your immigration status here. However, the Home Office should have also written to you detailing when your leave expires and advising if it goes beyond the expiry of your BRP. 

In any event, do not panic! The Home Office has confirmed it will provide further details about these changes in early 2024, including how to access your immigration status information online. 

However, if you wish or need to demonstrate your right to work or rent, you can access the online right to work services here and the right to rent here.

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By Stefanie Alvarez, Pupil Barrister

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