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Direct Access Barristers at Imperium Chambers

Members of the public have been, for the past few years, able to instruct barristers to work on their cases directly. This means that it is no longer necessary to instruct a solicitor first. Barristers can be instructed direct to work on appeals or applications, provide opinions, prepare bundles, and a whole host of other types of work.

This is called instructing a barrister “direct access”, and means that clients can save huge amounts of money by not having to instruct a solicitor or other intermediary.
The Bar Standards Board has published Guidance on the scheme for members of the public which can be viewed here.

What are the benefits of the Direct Access scheme?

There are a number of benefits to instructing a barrister directly and here at Imperium Chambers, all of our barristers are qualified to take instructions on a direct access basis.

Members of the public will have access to barristers for the entirety of their cases, and will benefit from their expertise at every step of the way. Gone are the days when the first time a barrister sees a client’s case is the day they get to court. Using the direct access scheme, you can prepare your bundle and legal arguments with a barrister’s assistance right from the beginning, improving your chances of success.

Further benefits of the direct access scheme include:

  • Cost – it is often cheaper to instruct a barrister directly as opposed to going through a solicitor. Since solicitors often seek the advice and assistance of barristers anyway (and will charge you for this), you will save money but just going to the barrister directly).
  • No hidden costs – direct access barristers most usually work on a fixed fee basis with no hidden charges. This means that you will know in advance exactly what you are paying for.
  • Experience and expertise – unlike most solicitors, barristers will have the experience of actually arguing cases in court and will have a wide range of experience. Our barristers are experts in their field and will be able to handle your case properly
  • Speed – not instructing a solicitor means that the barrister can get on with your work straight away. You will have direct contact with them.
  • Support – here at Imperium we have a dedicated team of clerks and paralegals who can assist the direct access barristers, and you, on a day-to-day basis.
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Is my case suitable for direct access?

It is our experience at Impesrium Chambers that the vast majority of cases in immigration law are suitable for direct access. Our barristers have been dealing in immigration, civil, family, and other types of law on a direct access basis for years and are comfortable working directly with clients.

It is worth noting, however, that not every type of case is suitable for direct access. If your case is especially complex or involves an unusually large amount of documentation, then you may be better off instructing a solicitor. Barristers have a duty to tell you if they believe you are better of instructing a solicitor.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch and we can provide an assessment of your case prior to you instructing our barristers directly.


    Very professional service. The staff is very proactive. Communication is very good. My case was handled with great professionalism. Every step was explained in detail. No hidden fees and they were very helpful with the payment plans. The staff had good knowledge about my case. Special thanks to Paul Turner for the great advice and making impossible possible. Waqar and Nick were helpful through out my case. I was up-to date with all the proceedings and each and very step. All questions were answered on time. Best legal service I ever received.

    I also recommend this to other people. Specially for TEOIC cases.

    Qadir Ali

    Mr Paul Turner and Mr Kim has been very helpful with my husbands appeal to remain in the UK and they have been so informative when ever we have a doubt about anything relating to our case they are always on call! If you need sound advice regarding immigration matters, certainly get in touch with them! They are just awesome!!!!

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